Resolution No. 2021-19 Approve Rental of Portable Restrooms for Parks
Resolution No. 2021-18 Granting Permission St. Paul Lutheran Church use of Softball Park
Resolution No. 2021-17 Granting Permission for BLHS Use of Stewart Softball Park
Resolution No. 2021-16 Approve Dust Coating of Streets
Resolution No. 2021-15 Approve Purchase Transceiver & Software Main Aggrement
Resolution No. 2021-14 Approve Donation to BLHS After Prom Event
Resolution No. 2021-13 Accept Liquor License App Cactus Jacks II
Resolution No. 2021-10 Signature Powers Glaesesr_000038
Resolution No. 2021-08 Approve the Donation to the Stewart Fire Dept_01132021
Resolution No. 2021-07 Approving Grant Fund thru MNDOT State Aid (LRIP)_01132021
Resolution No. 2021-06 Approve Hiring of a Grant Writer_01132021
Resolution No. 2021-05 Approve Additional Pay for Assistant EMS Carol Nelson _01132021
Resolution No. 2021-04 Resolution to Approve a FEMA-AGA Grant App Turnout, SCBA_01132021
Resolution No. 2021-03 Approve the Increase of Health Insurance Cont for Full-time Employees_01132021
Resolution No. 2021-02 Approving Contract with GP & M for Award (SAM)_01132021
Resolution No 2021-12 Approve Training for the Fire & EMR Personnel
Resolution No 2021-11 Approve purchase of ASYST Payroll to Accts Payable Interface
Resolution No 2021-09 Approve A Stegemen and J Piehl to EMR Course
Resolution No 2021-09 Approval of EMR Classes_000037
Resolution No 2021-01 Approve the Appointments for 2021_01202021



https://www.memorycare.com/veterans/     Memory Care for Veterans



Please DO NOT leave your garbage and recycling cart out on the street after they have been emptied. The city maintenance department cannot clean the street properly with the carts in the street. 

All dog and cats need to be licesed each year. Ordinance Title IX-Chapter 91:aAnimals 91.06 .  ATV's and Golf Carts need to be licensed. Please contact the City Clerk for licenses.

Blight Inspections have begun, please clean up your property. Grass and weeds cannot exceed 6" in height or you will receive a door posting notification.

No disposing of grass clippings on City Streets.